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We are really proud to be welcoming


The origins of The Pack started with the original band the Pack of Lies. It consisted of myself Kirk Brandon, John Fuller (An old school friend) and a Scottish drummer called Rab Fae Beith. We rehearsed and got the songs together at John’s uncle’s house in Stanmore.
The Pack itself was formed sometime in 1978 in Clapham, South London amongst the punk anarchist scene set amongst the backdrop of the totalitarian government of Margret Thatcher – at a time when the country stood at the abyss of total chaos.

After a super successful 4 show run in January 2019, the first for 40 years, Kirk Brandon , John Werner, Steve Grantley and Warren Wilson will play 4 more shows in June 2019. Full details can be found at:
www.kirkbrandon.com www.facebook.com/kirkbrandonofficial

E-TICKET - You will be emailed an e ticket and your name will be on the door and we cover the costs of all transaction fees - £15

E- TICKET + VENUE SUPPORT DONATION - You will be emailed an e ticket and your name will be on the door - The Extra charge of £1 covers the transaction fees and also donates a bit to the venue to help support us in continuing to offer a place for young and upcoming talent to thrive £15 + £1 donation