• Image of The Nightmare On Halloween

Young Thugs and Behind The White Door present an evening of incredibly dark entertainment, on the darkest night of the year; All Hallow's Eve.

Prepare to have your mind broken down into little pieces, in a truly dramatic, psychotic and dangerous experience unlike any other.

Forget about "being a bit spooky" this Halloween. At this event, you will experience brutal psychological torture of an obscene and terrifying nature.

Enter the killroom of an accomplished serial killer. See the carnage. Smell the fear. Indulge in the ritual and hear the voices in their head. Don't linger in the darkness too long...who knows what could be lurking in it...

Tickets are capped at 60 and cost £6. You must have a an e-ticket in order to attend. No cash will be accepted on the door. No e-ticket = no entry.

PLEASE BE AWARE that the show will be dealing with themes that some people may find distressing. Halloween has never been as dark as this before.