• Image of The Monofones - Snakerattlers - The Black Lagoons - Nosebleed JANUARY 31ST 2020

They are back! The masters of Swiss garage punk!

THE MONOFONES are a rumbling drum, a heavily distorted guitar which sounds like a dying tractor and a female voice by which you wouldn’t like to be told off. The trio produces loud and wild 60's garage trash which is served with a pinch of punk. MONOFONES live shows are a sweaty & entertaining, low-fi inferno of a different kind.

Snakerattlers are a cacophonous two-piece trash rock and roll band from York. The music is performed by an enraged married couple, who are forever hellbent on ruining your evening. Blasting guitars, hammering drums and howled vocals. Dark, mongrel outsider rock that has no limits and desecrates many genres.

The Black Lagoons come from York and play heavy psychedelic sludge to spooked garage surf. Haunting vibes and intense bursts of colourful sound. Most York gig-goers know exactly who they are.

Nosebleed play no frills Yorkshire Rock n Roll and come from Leeds. Short songs, cool sounds, for fans of the music. Yorkshire's best-dressed band, you bloody nose we got the beat.