• Image of Sellsword - Saturday Feb 1st 2020

For almost 6 years Sellsword has been led into the fray by one sword wielding Stuart Perry. His glorious voice has graced many a stage, as Sellsword would lay audio assault to those worthy of being laid siege to.

However, as all good sagas, Stu's story with Sellsword has reached it's end. We are all extremely sad to see him leave the ranks but other forces are at play that none could foresee or prevent.

Therefore! We have arranged for this one last siege for our glorious leader.

This night, we shall play one last time with Stu, a night sure to be unmissable! We shall bid him farewell in the only way we know how!

By laying SIEGE!

Come join us for a special night of metal and glory!


It is a pleasure to be hosting Stu's last show at The Fulford Arms and even better to be having it as part of Independent Venue Week

Ticket info
E-TICKET - You will be emailed an e ticket and your name will be on the door and we cover the costs of all transaction fees - £5

E- TICKET + VENUE SUPPORT DONATION - You will be emailed an e ticket and your name will be on the door - The Extra charge of £1 covers the transaction fees and also donates a bit to the venue to help support us in continuing to offer a place for young and upcoming talent to thrive £5 + £1.00 donation