• Image of Pizzafest! - 14th December 2019

Oh it's back baby! Back like baby back ribs. Except we eat pizza at these parties, not ribs. And we eat a lot of it!

After a successful experiMENTAL gig involving a load of bands and pizza from Dominos, Garagefeast has been re-born as PIZZAFEST.

Y'still get some of the very best outsider/lowbrow bands in the UK and all the meaty/veggie/vegan pizza you can eat! The format hasn't changed, just the name!

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you buy tickets for this show. Buying a ticket helps to relieve pressure on the venue and the organisers by ensuring that the costs of the gig are fully covered before the show even starts. This means that everyone involved can just relax and enjoy the day! Sounds good right? Well what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket now!

Search "Pizzafest!" in Facebook for the Facebook event, to see descriptions and links of all the bands, for those who like to do their research!