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Living Body

Living Body is the new project from Leeds-based Chicagoan Jeff T. Smith (f.k.a. Juffage) featuring longtime collaborators Katie Harkin (Sky Larkin, Sleater-Kinney, Courtney Barnett, Wild Beasts), Tom Evans (Vessels), Alice Rowan (Mayshe-Mayshe), Sarah Statham (Crake, Fig by Four, Esper Scout) and Sean Westall (itoldyouiwouldeatyou). Consistently exploring the realms of the hook, waking and dreaming, pop music, drones and late capitalism.




Giving a fuck about not giving a fuck since 2011.



Parker Lee

Garbageshop quartet. Their new LP 'if you're not serious, don't say it', just came out and is hella tasty.




Melancholy tunes written and performed by Ellie and co.


Fuford Arms
121 Fulford Rd., York, YO10 4EX
£5 adv / £7 otd

E-TICKET - You will be emailed an e ticket and your name will be on the door and we cover the costs of all transaction fees - 5

E- TICKET + VENUE SUPPORT DONATION - You will be emailed an e ticket and your name will be on the door - The Extra charge of £1 covers the transaction fees and also donates a bit to the venue to help support us in continuing to offer a place for young and upcoming talent to thrive £5 + £1 donation