• Image of Griever / Amongst Thieves - Co-Headline - Suday 13th October

The Fulford Arms and Elicit Music Proudly Present

AMONGST THIEVES - Post-Hardcore - York
‘Find A Way’ | https://youtu.be/YuEoT2FyLvM
‘Better Than Before’ | https://youtu.be/L0N5ByyM26U
‘Golden Ratio’ | https://youtu.be/_EvY53MP0fY
Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/AmongstThievesOfficial/

York-based post-hardcore powerhouse, Amongst Thieves, first formed in 2013, and return in 2019 after a brief hiatus with the new single ‘Find A Way’.
With a wedge of experience already under their belt, they return maintaining their individuality, offering a hooky skill set, blending vengeful anthems and epic grandeur of craft, atmospheric moments with giant soundscapes, punctured by Josh Nash’s versatile vocal range.
Once again on the verge of showing everyone how modern, melodic and dynamic music should sound, they will be releasing a variety of singles throughout 2019, alluding the talent that Amongst Thieves have to create well structured and energetic songs.

GRIEVER - Metalcore - Bournemouth
‘The Sickness In Me’ | https://youtu.be/PZuLsY86vPo
‘Welcome To Hell’ | https://youtu.be/WCS6nn_SYZs
Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/grieverofficial/

In this modern era of heavy music, metalcore can often fall victim to the stereotype of a genre full of auto-tuned soundalikes. Griever, however, have found a balance that is captivating and unique. Their influences lie with the pioneers of the genre, offering a sense of nostalgia that is rejuvenated by a theatrical-goth image, modern production and a fresh sound within their song-writing.
Hailing from Bournemouth UK, the 4-piece band are a testament to everything great about the defining age in metal. Melodic, emphatic to watch, killer riffs and incredibly tight live. The result being something that metal fans spanning generations can enjoy.

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