• Image of Extreme Noise Terror - Saturday 28th March

The Fulford Arms Presents

Extreme Noise Terror should need no introduction to any self-respecting Punk, Metalhead, Grinder or anyone else who likes genuinely unhinged, fast, chaotic, aggressive music. Formed in 1985, these rabid Hardcore Punks are widely considered to be among the pioneers of the Grindcore and Crust scenes. Infamous for their four Radio One sessions for the late great John Peel, their collaboration with The KLF which saw them cause chaos at the 1992 Brit Awards and got them banned from Top Of The Pops and their dual-vocalist Hardcore attack, ENT have spent the last 34 years touring the globe hitting every corner of Europe as well as Canada, The USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine and many more, and appearing at numerous festivals including Glastonbury, Wacken, With Full Force and Obscene Extreme. In 2015 the band released their self-titled album, a return to their crusty hardcore roots which was highly regarded along side their other numerous albums, EPs and split singles with bands as diverse as Chaos UK, Trap Them and The Dwarves. The clue is in the name, every show is a violent sonic assault. The band make their Boomtown debut this year and are looking forward to infiltrating the mainstream once again. For fans of Discharge, Napalm Death, Motorhead and Nasum.

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